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Please wait until the "Start MasterGrapher" button appears below...

MasterGrapher requires a Java-Enabled browser. Sorry!


  • MasterGrapher is an interactive function plotting program.

  • Are you doing maths or science?

  • Have you ever wondered what y(x)=sin(20*x)+sin(21*x) looks like?

  • Mastergrapher can plot just about any normal 2D function, from y(x)=x+2 to y(x)=10^(sin(cos(x))/log(x^2)) on the screen for you right now while you are looking at this page.

  • MasterGrapher is for students, teachers, even professionals who need to see what a certain function looks like.

... and of course it's absolutely FREE to use. Just click "Start MasterGrapher"!

How to use MasterGrapher

  • Click the "Start MasterGrapher" button.

  • MasterGrapher appears, with two example functions already drawn.

  • Click on these two functions or click on an empty function box on the right hand side to display the "Function Editor" where you can Update, Delete or Add functions.

  • Zoom by dragging a zoom-box over the region you want to zoom into. The scales on the axes can be set to anything you like by selecting "Scale Axes" from the "Options" menu.

  • Right-click and the coordinates will be displayed in the "Measured" boxes on the right hand side.

  • Draw or Ignore functions by selecting them in their checkboxes on the right hand side.

That's it!

Comments and suggestions are welcome: